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We have a range of professional therapists who have the skills and knowledge to carry out assessments and clinically based interventions, to help with


  • Functional Capacity Assessments
    • Functional Capacity Assessments
    • Psychosocial Functional Capacity Assessments
    • Supported Disability Accommodation Assessments (SIA)
    • Supported Independent Living Assessments (SIL)
  • Assistive Technology Assessments for specialised equipment prescription
    • Specialised seating and wheelchair prescription
    • Scooter and mobility assessment and training
    • Beds and mattresses prescription
    • Shower chairs and commode chairs prescription
    • Hoist and Sling Assessments and Prescription
  • Manual Handling training and education
  • Pressure care education and therapy
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
    • Home rehabilitation and therapy
    • Mental Health Therapy
    • Stroke and neurological rehabilitation
    • Cognitive Assessment and retraining
    • Developmental Therapy
  • Dementia Care and Planning
  • Falls Prevention
  • Home modifications
    • Ramps
    • Grab Rails
    • Bathroom and kitchen modifications

Disability Services to Empower You on Your Life’s Journey

We are a Perth Based Disability Support Provider

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