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Carespace Australia is a disability service provider that prides itself in offering support services tailored to meet the unique needs of participants from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse population as well as thew Indigenous communities (CALD) We are proud to have modelled ourselves as a CALD company intent on ensuring that CALD & indigenous participants maximise the benefits arising out of the NDIS funding

Carespace Australia is aware that National Disability Insurance Service is committed to improving health outcomes for people living with disabilities. Clearly, The NDIS is responsive to the needs of all people with disability and endeavours to promote equal opportunity provision. This includes people from CALD/Indigenous background, who are usually disenfranchised. In line with this intent, Carespace is committed to ensure that people with disability from CALD & indigenous background are appropriately supported to engage effectively with the services available. Carespace promotes and provides a strong and respectful engagement for NDIS participants in the community, enabling a better understanding of the complexity of needs of people from CALD and Indigenous background.


At Carespace, we note that CALD. Indigenous communities face many barriers 
  • Language & literacy, which can make it difficult in decision making, exercising choice and control, building relationships, and engaging in social and community participation.
  • Not feeling a part of the wider community.
  • Trauma, from their previous experiences of original home country and a fear of engaging with authorities and public services.
  • Unwillingness to make formal social comment about own experiences,
  • Cultural, or gender barriers, all confound and make it complicated for efficient service provision to these unique communities
  • Limited trust and fear of embarrassment if they do not conform to socially acceptable conduct
  • Difference in communication styles
 We note that many indigenous, immigrant and refugee communities have shown increased levels of mental health issues over the recent past. We are here to respond with our unique service/approaches to best serve these communities. These are communities who, mostly, feel disenfranchised and isolated from participation. Carespace Australia through its unique strategies will engage them suitably and empower them towards taking better control of their lives.Even though, currently, the NDIS funding for CALD communities is currently higher than non-CALD communities (2 % higher average payments on active plans). NDIS has reported that there is limited engagement. Equally, there is limited improved baseline outcomes for CALD participants when compared to non-CALD ones.We endeavour to mitigate these barriers by employing staff predominately of CALD/Indigenous backgrounds. The intent is to enhance trust, improve communication and respond to culturally sensitive needs. CALD communities are also intrinsically diverse, and we are intent on employing a range of strategies to effectively engage CALD community organisations and individuals  to respond to attendant needs for our participants.Our mantra: Creating caring Spaces Just for You is about customising services that best responds to individual CALD participants. We are intent on improving participation that best meet the NDIS desired participant goals: decision making, exercising choice and control, improving relationships, and enhancing social and community participation.We continually seek to employ support workers and other allied professional to work at Carespace Australia.CareersSend you enquiries to

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